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84-year-old Polish doctor gets suspended for not using a computer

By on December 4, 2017

The inability to use a computer led to suspending the right to practice medicine for Anna Konopka, a Polish doctor working in New Hampshire, U.S.

The lack of technology in the doctor’s tiny office and the refuse of keeping the records electronically triggered the New Hampshire Board of Medicine officials to request Konopka to surrender her medical license.

Moreover, the doctor was accused of malpractice when she failed to treat an ill girl by leaving the dosage decision to her parents.

As New Hampshire registers the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in all of the U.S., the complaints against Konopka are under state investigation.

In addition, doctors in the entire country are encouraged to get better opioid prescription training due to what is considered to be the worst drug epidemic in the U.S. history.

Konopka, born in Rzeszow, Poland, in 1933, is fighting to regain her medical license with the support of more than 30 of her former patients.

On the other hand, by reissuing her license, the State would simply ignore the legal regulations for medical-related work, so most probably she will not win her cause.


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