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Athletic prowess could be predicted by finger length
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Athletic prowess could be predicted by finger length

By on August 27, 2017

Ability to be good at sports could be anticipated by your hands, researchers claim

According to a recent study published in the Early Human Development journal, finger length and sportive abilities could be related.

After exploring the length differences between the index finger and the ring finger, also known as the “digit ratio”, researchers at the University of North Dakota have found that the proportions can be correlated with muscular strength in males.

As generally, the index finger is shorter that the ring finger in males and about the same length in females, researchers looked for a link between these proportions and testosterone levels, the natural steroid that boosts athletic performance.

“There is some indirect evidence that this digit ratio of the length of the fingers, is determined during early foetal development by testosterone – the more testosterone the foetus produces, the longer the ring finger, so the smaller the digit ratio. Our study shows that boys with lower digit ratios have better hand-grip strength, irrespective of their age or body size,” Professor Grant Tomkinson explained.

In conclusion, the research claims the smaller the digit ratio, the better the sportive performance, as finger length can be a potentially useful indicator of these aspects in kids, as well as an indicator of better general health in adults. Scientists go even further, by suggesting that the same low digit ratio usually indicates better basketball players in females.


Source: hindustantimes.com


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