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Diabetes and sugar connection
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Diabetes and sugar connection

By on May 27, 2015

Diabetes is bound to become one of the most alarming health concerns in the world

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease related to the high levels of glucose in the blood. Glucose is one of the main fuels of the body but when found in great concentrations it can accelerate aging while also increasing the risk for numerous health issues like stroke, kidney failure, blindness, skin lesions or even heart attack.

These can be prevented, however, if a normal level of glucose is maintained.

Diabetes facts

Diabetes is known to affect about 5% of the world adult population, causing 3.2 millions of deaths each year. However, the estimations look rather dim; the percentage is expected to grow to 7.1 by 2025. In the United States, statistics show a dramatic scenario with 1-3 adults sick with diabetes in 15 years from now.

The main issue related to the appearance of diabetes is added sugar. 80% of the food in the United States for example has added sugar. So what does this tells us? Well, it tells us that some authority is not doing its job apparently.

How do you detect diabetes?

Among the first symptoms of diabetes are drastic weight loss and irritability. People with diabetic history in their family are also likely to develop it if they do not lead a balanced lifestyle while some women get it during pregnancy.

Diabetes types

Type 1 diabetes:

It usually develops in children or adolescents.

The pancreas does not produce insulin and blood glucose (blood sugar) increases to exaggerated levels.

Treatment consists of injections of insulin as well as a balanced diet.

• Appears in a trigger (eg. A virus) that stimulates an immune attack on insulin-producing pancreatic cells in people with genetic predisposition.

Type 2 diabetes:

• It usually occurs after the age of 40.

The disease is likely to develop slowly

• The pancreas secretes insulin, but not enough, or the cells can not use it (insulin resistance).

• Treatment consists of diet, tablets or insulin, depending on the need of each patient.

How does a proper diabetes lifestyle look

Regular physical activity for 30-45 minutes every day;

No alcohol and no smoking;

Low salt intake, no sweet or carbonated drinks;

Decreased fat intake from food, especially animal;

eating fruits, semi-skimmed dairy products, vegetables, whole grains with fiber intake and a corresponding low fat, less than 30% calories, of which only 1/3 of animal origin;

constant weight control, so that the mass index is less than 25 kg / m²

engaging in a clinical control at least once every 3 months, in order to determine the appropriate treatment for achieving the recommended therapeutic targets


• Always have your meter on!

• Check your blood sugar immediately if you are feeling sick!

Monitor your blood sugar as prescribed by your doctor – before a meal and two hours after eating.

Write down your values ​​in your monitoring notebook!

Contact your doctor if your blood sugar is high or very low for a long period!

Sugar is our newly discovered worst enemy

As the obesity rates are sky-rocketing, the focus turns towards sugar, the new public enemy no.1. While some are looking to protect their business and other are not doing their job of protecting the interest of the general population properly, the hassle falls on the consumer and the medical system.

The fact that both obesity and diabetes derive from a sugar inflated food industry is no longer news, however, make sure you stay on the health oriented side, as statistics show that the effects of sugar are going to have a serious toll on future generations.


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