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Eat and have better skin
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Eat and have better skin

By on August 3, 2015

What are the foods that will help your skin look beautiful and feel great

As true beauty comes from within, diet is the most important part of a good skin care routine. Skin always reflects your eating habits. What you eat triggers how your skin appears. A diet rich in high-glycemic carbohydrates, milk and vegetable oils can promote sebum production and inflammation which will lead to blocked pores, black spots and acne.
If you minimize the intake of “bad” skin foods and to eat healthy, your skin will show it. Here are some foods that are beneficial for your skin, to begin with:
Vitamin A results from beta-caroten the carrots contain. Besides giving you a better eye-sight, this powerful antioxidant that will also give you better skin, teeth, and bones, while ensuring normal skin cell development and firm skin tone.
Vitamin C in the berries is another great antioxidant that will make skin smooth and will boost the collagen production. Vitamin C also supports the immune system and is an important healing factor. Apart from the vitamin C intake, berries are found to be lower in sugar than other fruits.
By eating nuts, you can provide you body its daily supply of selenium, to boost the immune system, protect against melanoma, sun damage and age spots. On the other hand, vitamin E found in the nuts holds in moisture, for hydration is a key factor of daily skin care.
Contains vitamin K, an anti-coagulant factor that promotes healthy healing. With vitamin K intake comes elasticity and good skin tone. Loaded with vitamins A and C, parsley helps clearing blemishes and reducing redness, while cleaning the urinary tract and kidneys. Its volatile oils have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which means parsley has an antiseptic effect that helps in preventing acne.
Whole grains
Refined grains produce inflammation. Whole grains help reduce inflammation and stabilize blood sugar levels. Zinc repairs skin damage, maintains its natural smoothness and regulates sebum production. Biotin (also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7) found in whole grains prevents the skin to become dry.
For ensuring proper care for your skin, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep it highly hydrated. Also, remember to combine a variety of foods, in order to benefit from all categories of nutrients.


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