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How does fitness boost overall health

By on May 31, 2017

High physical activity levels burn calories, improve well-being and increase morale


As nowadays society is dominated by the busy schedules of people divided between their carrier and their families, sports remain one of the best alternatives to stay in shape while living your life at full speed. Finding time for a good recreational training session is yet a challenge for many of us.

According to the specialists from the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, if your daily commitments stay in the way of finding the time to go to the gym, try incorporating workouts into your daily tasks.

Use small time intervals and make the best of them: walk, squat, climb stairs and jog as often as you can. Here are some tips to make your daily chores as productive as possible:

  • mow the lawn or exercise in the garden
  • turn daily tasks into fun exercises
  • use your bicycle as often as you can
  • clean the house and dance while doing so
  • spend time with friends and engage in physical activities together
  • walk your dog
  • try a new sport when offered the chance
  • wake up earlier in the morning and explore the surroundings of your household
  • choose a different route to work
  • try to remain organized and focused
  • enjoy the summer outdoors
  • run for charity

“Every little bit counts. Research suggests that as little as 10 minutes of cardiovascular activity can make a big difference in your health and fitness measures. I often equate health to putting away money for retirement. Putting away savings, even in small amounts, will add up big over time. The same can be said for your health. Investing in opportunities to be active, even for short periods of time, adds up. The key is to be consistent,” Dr. Johnson from Mayo Clinic concludes.


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