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Fitness components explained
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Fitness components explained

By on July 29, 2015

The following 7 components of fitness represent the main characteristics you will develop by exercising regularly
1. Flexibility
Enables joints to be moved through their entire range of motion, flexing and extending them. Different sports though, require different levels of flexibility. Having a flexible body benefits you in many ways, such as: improves posture, reduces back pain, digestion and overall performance.

2. Strength
Provides you the ability to move a maximum weight. It represents the maximum amount of force that a muscle can generate in a single effort.
By increasing your strength, your muscular mass will also increase. This process is called muscular hypertrophy and also helps you better performing every day tasks.

3. Aerobic Endurance
Also called stamina, it is one of the main fitness components and defines the amount of time that you can work out without feeling tired. Stamina uses large quantities of oxygen so that cells could properly function, without getting tired. Sports, like marathon, boost your stamina, in order to be easier for you to deal with daily duties.

4. Speed
Allows you to intentionally move as fast as possible in a preset direction. Speed is useful in many sports and in every day life, by minimizing the reaction time when unexpected events happen.

5. Power
Gives to the muscle tissue the ability to release maximum force in the shortest period of time possible. On a daily basis you need power when lifting heavy objects or to carry difficult physical actions out. In some sports, like boxing, power can really be the key to success.

6. Muscular Endurance
Enables the muscles to perform a continuous, repetitive effort with less fatigue. Endurance activities improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and, at the same time, helps you perform several duties for longer periods of time. High muscular endurance may prevent heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes.

7. Body composition
Refers to changes in your fat and muscle distribution in your body. You may also start experiencing weight-loss, which can be beneficial for superior health. Fat surplus is better to be eliminated, but some quantities of fat are needed for a body to have enough energy, to balance the hormonal levels and also to protect internal organs.



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