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Greece faces difficulties related to the refugees’ health status

By on October 4, 2017

According to Doctors of the World organization, migrants in Greece receive almost no medical attention or maternal assistance

60,000 migrants and refugees in the southeastern European country live in improper conditions, crowded in unsanitary camps. As the UN official data shows, one third of them are women and children. Fewer than 47 per cent of them had access to maternal care during the last three years.

Moreover, 72 per cent of the health issues the refugees reported were improperly treated, while mental health problems were totally neglected.

In addition, some women did not ask for medical help, despite the need for it, due to being afraid of arrest or discrimination.

Other obstacles were observed to be lack of translators and lack of medical staff.

In order to improve the situation in Greece, Doctors of the World in collaboration with Merck, a health-care company based in the U.S., started a 2 years project aiming to provide proper medical care to children and pregnant women.

The measures will be implemented so that the complications during childbirth, as well as HIV or Hepatitis infections could be avoided in the community.

According to the World Health Organisation, the situation needs to be addressed immediately in order to prevent further escalation.





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