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Healthy skin – the goal of efficient skin care
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Healthy skin – the goal of efficient skin care

By on August 18, 2015

Beyond beautiful, fresh, young-looking aspect, every woman should primarily consider healthy skin

When it comes to skin care, every woman’s desire is to always look young and beautiful. If you consider that skin is the larger organ in the human body, with a vital protective role, there is more to it than just cosmetic care and aesthetics. Understanding skin needs will motivate you to better care for your skin health, boosting its appearance at the same time. And for long term effects.
To achieve maximum skin health you must consider the different factors that directly affect cell renewal and nutrition in a positive way, as well as the negative ones: skin type, genes, diet, environment, stress levels, personal lifestyle, daily care and damage prevention.

According to Fitzpatrick scale (used by dermatologists to categorize your skin), skin type classification goes from Type I to Type VI. This classification assesses skin type, in ranges from very fair (skin type I) to very dark (skin type VI), according to the main factors that influence skin: genetic predisposition, sun exposure and tanning reactions. Finding out your skin type is the logic starting point in order to provide your skin proper care.

Healthy diet choice is a very important factor in skin’s appearance and health. If you eat an unhealthy diet, the results will be visible on your skin, starting with acne, poor skin elasticity, rashes, early aging, liver spots, fat points, dark eye-circles and many more. Skin friendly foods decrease skin problems and help delay the natural aging process, as well as they promote young-looking skin. Cutting down on sugars, unhealthy fats and salt can be a very smart choice for the overall body health, including your skin. Healthy diet principles are somewhat universal for every body organ, so quiting bad habits as soon as possible can only benefit your overall well-being. Water is very important for skin vitality and hydration. Drinking enough liquids to restore skin moisture and balance skin pH is also a must.

Skin care products industry is very aggressive nowadays. Products are often formulated with damaging chemical additives. Expensive products are not necessarily the best ones, when it comes to providing your skin natural nutrients. Make sure that the products that you daily use are natural, high organic quality and suit your skin needs. Cleanse, scrub and tone the natural way, to enhance cellular renewal and functions, skin micro-circulation and to unlock fresh-looking potential.

Skin aging and medical conditions are triggered by environmental and lifestyle factors: exposure to sun, excessive sebum production, alcohol use and smoking, pollution and stress are the main skin enemies. Manage stress factors and avoid exposure to toxic environments. Always use an effective sunscreen for UV protection and limit sun exposure as much as possible. Together with genetic predisposition, sun is the main factor that causes melanoma, a common deadly type of skin cancer.

Regular routine dermatological check-ups can help you early diagnose and proper care for skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation (lentigo, melasma, chloasma), hypo-pigmentation (vitiligo), various dermatitis, psoriazis and prevent common moles develop into cancerous ones. Mole examination can diagnose early stage melanoma and rapidly intervene to prevent metastasis of skin cancer. Regular skin screening literally saves lives.

Skin is your body’s larger organ by size, it prevents dehydration, keeps your body temperature even, protects you from infections, protects your muscles, bones and organs and helps you feel the outer world. Proper skin care matters because the health of your skin affects more than just your appearance.


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