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How much does diabetes cost humanity?

By on November 16, 2017

The total expenses for treating people suffering from diabetes worldwide sums up $850 billion per year

Considering the huge number of people affected by diabetes and that the official figures have tripled since 2000, experts warn that the global cost of the disease reaches a concerning amount of $850 billion a year.

As the most prevalent diabetes, the type 2 diabetes, is intimately connected to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, the epidemic is specific for people embracing Western unhealthy diets and urban fast-paced lifestyles.

According to the International Diabetes Federation data, one in 11 adults suffers from this illness on a global level, while the total number of people affected by the condition has already reached 451 million. Moreover, health officials estimate that this number will increase to 693 million by 2045.

Medicines, management of the patients and complications, such as limb amputations and blindness, are the main causes of the huge expenses experienced by public health systems in the affected countries.



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