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“No diet ever works for me!” Here’s why:
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“No diet ever works for me!” Here’s why:

By on May 13, 2015

Diets tend to offer short term results and this often leads to frustration

The issue of dieting has so many variables that it would be impossible to cover all of them in a single article. However, we will further be discussing some of the most common misconceptions related to this subject.

Here, at bodyreviewers.com, we try to focus on healthy living rather than on “miracle diets” and this perspective is strongly related to the subject we are discussing today.

It all revolves around boosting the metabolic rate

  1. Food dieting

Food dieting can be an extraordinary choice if it is suited for individual needs. Having a diet plan adapted to your system is the most important aspect as each body comes with its own unique features.

However, most people tend to go for generic diets that involve food deprivation. It all works well for a couple of weeks and then their progress stops as soon as their diet is put to a halt and they slowly start to regain the pounds they have lost.

This occurs due to the fact that their bodies choose to store as much as possible after being deprived of nutrients.

Food dieting should be adapted to your system and it should be permanent, not periodic, with an exception being made in the case of special health issues and demands.

  1. Diet pills

This is a rather controversial subject due to the fact that some work, others don’t, and some are just placebo.

Diet pills should only be consumed after thorough investigation and recommendations. The issue being that this market has generated numerous hoaxes.

  1. Medical intervention

The fastest delivery rate when it comes to drastic weight loss, but also a rather pricy choice and somewhat risky. The issue with medical intervention is that people should engage in it (be it lypo or intestinal rings) as a last resort.

  1. Physical activity

Many argue that physical activity is the key towards sustained weight loss and maintenance. This is true. The best thing you can do with your body is boost the metabolic rate.

Think of your metabolism as the center of information. It collects all your daily habits and sends signals to the body on what its activity rates are. Daily exercising should be present in the life of every individual, regardless of his weight.

The solution

Everything you need physically for you to lose weight is already there. The key towards it all is building a strong mindset. And the strong type of mindset is not built on the motivational trend today, but rather on knowledge and discipline.

Here are the logical steps you should take if you want to lose weight:

  1. See a doctor and get checked for any issues related to your weight
  2. Get a list of restricted and recommended foods
  3. See a professional nutritionist with this list

  4. Obey your personalized meal plan by heart

  5. See a personal trainer and have him put together a personalized exercise routine in accordance to the calorie and nutrient intake from your aforementioned meal plan
  6. Live happy, healthy and good looking

  7. Return to bodyreviewers.com and say thanks

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