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Nutritional supplements - complementing your diet
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Nutritional supplements – complementing your diet

By on August 12, 2015

The necessity of dietary supplements in every day diets

Nowadays society is characterized by speed, feature which tend to define our existence and daily activities. Unbalanced nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, excessive effort and stress, bad habits (like smoking and alcohol use), restrictive diets, several diseases or specific medication can influence intake or loss of body minerals.

Considering the general scientifically accepted data, an appropriate and varied diet could normally offer all the necessary nutrients to provide a correct body development and an overall healthy life. Nevertheless, this ideal situation is not valid for all the classes of nutrients and neither for certain population groups, that can not acquire the necessary mineral or vitamin levels.

Due to hectic lifestyle or medical reasons, consumers may choose to complement certain nutrients’ intake through dietary supplements. During growing process, harvesting, depositing and food-processing, the nutritional content of foods can modify. Food processing causes changes in nutritional levels by exposure to high temperatures, light or oxidative processes. Food characteristics and quality are directly linked to its provenience, used industrial technology and culinary preparation.

Vitamins and minerals deficits can be controlled by external supplement intake. Always keep in mind that, even if you can provide your body with one or more desired nutrients, supplements are meant to complement a healthy diet, never to replace it. Your body cannot synthesize certain elements and neither will achieve proper levels by simply ingesting dietary supplements. A smart varied nutrition is mandatory for a healthy approach of any diet, regardless of the specific goal you may have in mind.

For underlying medical conditions or as advised by your dietitian you should consider using a nutritional supplement or fortified foods. Supplements come in different forms, each one adapted for better absorption. Extracts can be incorporated in: pills, capsules, granules, powders, syrup, tinctures or injectable liquids. Each substance has its specific conditioned pharmacological presentation and administration routine (dosage, frequency and time period until reaching the desired results). Some supplements can be administered on a temporary cure, while other can permanently be a part of your diet.

Always seek advice with your doctor about which nutritional supplement might best suit you and follow his medical advice. Ask about possible side effects, interactions with the medication you take and about the synergistic effect certain substances may have.

Just like foods, supplements too should be chosen considering the quality of the main ingredients, processing and manufacturing technologies in order to obtain superior results.


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