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Olive oil – the wonder in your kitchen
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Olive oil – the wonder in your kitchen

By on August 18, 2015

Olive oil has unrivalled health and beauty benefits, by preventing serious diseases and boosting your overall well-being



Olive oil therapeutic qualities are common knowledge in the Mediterranean culture and diet. Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea Europea) and is used in medicine, cosmetics and cooking.

The contained monounsaturated fatty acids (“good fat” or MUFAs) bring numerous health benefits for the consumer. From reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer prevention, anti-inflammatory effects to beauty purposes use, here are some valuable ways in which olive oil helps your body:

  • Specific contained substances, such as the natural phenolic oleochantal, squalene and lignans can reduce inflammation effects and decrease cancer risk. Virgin olive oil has been linked to a lower incidence of breast cancer.
  • It regulates cholesterol levels, by lowering total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increasing HDL (“good”) cholesterol, offering protection against subsequent heart and circulatory disease, while regulating blood pressure. People following a Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, were found to have lower death rates from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vitamin E high levels found in olive oil limits oxidative stress, an important liver damaging and body cells’ damaging factor (oxidation of free radicals). Oxidative stress is also a cause of aging.
  • By improving blood sugar levels and enhancing insulin sensitivity, it can be a valuable component for a diabetes diet approach. Moreover, lower levels of obesity were observed among people daily consuming olive oil.
  • Though the exact mechanism is yet unknown, people who include high levels of olive oil into their diets are less likely to develop rheumatiod arthritis, according to new studies.
  • By favouring a better calcium absorption, it improves bone mineralization and aids preventing osteoporosis.
  • Trans fats are linked to various health concerns, such as blocked arteries, obesity, liver damage, and even stroke. By replacing trans fats with olive oil, your body benefits from healthy fats, while preventing serious illnesses, including depression, as monounsaturated fats have a positive effect over mental health.
  • Besides it anti-cancer proprieties, the oleocanthal found in extra-virgin olive oil helps reducing the debilitating beta-amyloid from the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients, reducing AD and dementia incidence.
  • The components of extra-virgin olive oil (such as oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol) protect against acute pancreatitis, by decreasing pancreatic inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease. Large quantities of oleic acid very efficiently fight against ulcerative colitis.

Olive oil beauty benefits

By adding olive oil to your beauty routine brings great benefits to skin, hair and nails. The antioxidants protect the skin from premature aging, helps restore skin smoothness and protects it from UV rays. Olive oil unclogs pores, enhances exfoliation and is an excellent moisturiser to keep the skin dry-free. It can also be used as a remedy for eczema and rashes. Thanks to anti-bacterial properties, it fights dandruff, while promoting a healthier scalp and also thicker hair. Olive oil hair masks fight hair loss and improve scalp blood circulation. Used on our hands, it strengthens nails and conditions cuticles. Olive oil body massages are known to condition the skin and also induce a state of relaxation. Because of the many skin benefits olive oil provides, olive oil cosmetics became very popular among skin care products.

Either you use it for health or beauty purposes, virgin olive oil benefits are unquestionable. Considering people’s overall diet, physical activity and lifestyle, olive oil can really come in handy in improving every day healthy habits and really boost your well-being.


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