Belfast: 3D model helps kidney transplant

3D printed model aids complicated surgery performed in Belfast

The 3D printed model was produced by Axial3D company directly from the patient’s CT scan.

The surgery was performed by the transplant staff at the City Hospital in Belfast, after the model allowed the specialists to accurately exercise and plan their procedure before the real intervention.

The beneficiary was 22 years old Pauline Fenton, a patient who was in desperate need of medical care.

“She was just constantly exhausted, she’s a good wee mother, she does her best, but before she had the kidney she was exhausted, you could see it in her face. Constantly tired,” her father declared.

Her father being a match with a cyst in his organ, the 3D model made it easier for the surgery to take place.

“We’ve got a huge waiting list and not as many donors as people need, so what we’re trying to do is close that gap and we’re trying to make cases that a couple of years ago perhaps weren’t able to be used as organ donors, we’re now able to turn them into organ donors,” Dr. Tim Brown explained.

The surgery changes Pauline’s life, as she comments:

“Before I would have struggled to get up and do things where as now I’m getting up and going. I’m just very thankful that it was able to be done because to watch a wee girl that age not having a life, it’s terrible, so it’s nice to see she’s able to get a bit of life about her now.”

The concept will be promoted by the medical team in order to help as many people possible, by shortening the awaiting time and making the procedure safer.