Pending bill for the animals used in medical tests

‘Beagle Bill’ in Annapolis, Maryland aims to help animals used in medical research get a better life after they serve their time

After the experiments end, these animals should get a proper happy life. It is not just the opinion of animal welfare activists, it is also the right, humane thing to be done.

“We’re saying in cases where dogs are not needed to be sacrificed because of research, they be given a chance at a loving home. Don’t just euthanize them because it’s the convenient thing to do,” explains Emily Hovermale from the Humane Society of the U.S.

According to the bill proposed by Delegate Ben Kramer of Montgomery County, the animals should be send to good adopting homes after their health status is assessed by a vet.

“They have experienced fear and pain. Let’s just give them a chance to have a little human kindness at the end of the experiment,” added Kramer.

The bill faces its four consecutive forward year, as medical research institutions, such as John Hopkins have lobbied against it, due to the fact that they consider that the animals are being safely re-homed for 20 years now.

If the bill passes, Maryland will be the seventh U.S. state to adopt such a measure.