How does your body benefit from proper hydration

Proper hydration ensures enhancing of all body functions and contributes to keeping overall health at normal levels

Water is essential to your survival and good health. Water loss occurs continuously, through perspiration, breathing, urine and stool and also because of medical conditions. The large amounts of lost fluids must be replaced every day to prevent dehydration. To not become dehydrated, water intake and output must be equal. Water-loss is accelerated in warm climates, during exercise, at high altitudes and even in winter, due to the effort that the body makes to adapt to the cold and balance body temperature.

Here are few main reasons you must daily drink enough water or other fluids:

1. Body Fluids Balance. Human body is 60% water. Bodily fluids are important for physiological functions as digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva secretion, nutrient transportation and body temperature regulation.

2. Calorie control. Substituting high calorie beverages with water can have a positive effect on weigh-loss. Water-rich foods also help you feeling more full.

3. Water prevents muscle fatigue, by keeping adequate balance of fluids and electrolytes in the muscles. Drinking fluids is important before and during training, due to fluid loss by sweating.

4. Water is an essential element for your skin’s health, contributing to keeping normal cell functions and delay aging. Moisturised skin in essential also to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

5. Kidney help. Kidneys clean toxins from your body if your fluid intake is adequate. A sign of enough consumed fluids is light-coloured, odour-free urine.

6. Bowel Function. Drinking water helps your bowel prevent constipations, therefore colon cancer. If you also add fiber to your diet, the results work on behalf of your health.

Always keep a bottle of fresh water in handy. Try to find ways to drink more often, little quantities, throughout the whole day, no matter your activities. Follow a proper healthy diet and have an overall healthy lifestyle, for best results regarding quality of life and stress management.