Low temperatures in Europe claim lives

Arctic weather across the continent makes first victims among people of Poland and Romania

According to the Red Cross, the extreme Siberian cold in Europe has triggered the organization’s emergency teams to provide medical assistance to thousands of people, as the “Beast from the East” started to take toll over people’s lives across the continent.

RC volunteers helped people and homeless citizens in Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Italy overcome the extreme weather conditions these days.

In Britain, road, rial and air travel was significantly affected, with severe disruptions and consistent cancellations. Moreover, hundreds of schools decide to close during the wrath.

Poland authorities reported seven victims of hypothermia, as the temperatures dropped as low as -22 C (-7.6 F). Authorities in Warsaw are currently raising their patrols, ready to especially help homeless citizens.

Romania was also hit by blizzards and road blockages, with two dead people due to extreme cold.

Italy was caught off guard, as here, the residents are used to mild winters.

France and Germany were also affected.

Netherlands, on the other hand, took advantage of the extreme temperatures and turned Amsterdam’s iconic canals into ice skating areas that residents here can enjoy for the first time since 2012.

Until the weather conditions will return to normal, authorities in the affected European countries warn citizens to avoid all but unnecessary travel and take precaution measures when spending time outdoors.