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Veganism – the fastest growing lifestyle movement in UK

By on November 3, 2017

According to The Vegan Society, UK is home of more than half a million vegans, three an a half times more when compared to a decade ago

The numbers translate into 1 per cent of the population currently embracing this healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle, with no animal products such as meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and honey on the table.

As the growth is considerable, the movement is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle trends.

The latest study, implemented by Ipsos MORI, surveyed a 10.000 people poll. Turns out that over a million people decided to eliminate the meat and dairy industries from their every-day lives, in order not to contribute to the cruelty inflicted on animals anymore.

The results are encouraging, especially when considering that veganism is mostly chosen by young people, which are making more ethical and compassionate diet choices.

The survey also reported that, on a global level, almost 4% of the population turned to veganism or vegetarianism. Predominantly, vegan/vegetarian females outnumber males, while urban population outnumbers the rural one.

As the public perception over eating habits is changing fast, it is expected that veganism will gain more adepts over time, with the expansion of the vegan-friendly product market and the abuses inside the meat and diary industries.

Moreover, when going vegan, people also go healthier, while delicious-looking vegan recipes have become highly popular on social media.

Going vegan is one of the best choices anyone can do for the animals, wildlife, our planet and people’s health. So, what will you choose to eat from now on?




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