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Why swimming is a fitness marvel
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Why swimming is a fitness marvel

By on May 14, 2015

Swimming can be one of the greatest ways for working out while feeling good about it

Swimming is a great outdoor and indoor activity as it works all the areas in our body, while inducing a pleasant feeling.

This part leisure, part fitness activity is known to positively influence the mind and body, bringing numerous health benefits to the table. On one hand it will empower your morale and alleviate signs of depression while also boosting your physique.

Chest and buttocks will grow in strength while also building things, legs, abdomen and shoulder blade.

Your circulation system as well as your column will grow in resistance as swimming is often recommended to people recovering from injuries. Moving inside the water can reduce joint pain, high blood pressure and discomfort associated with pregnancy as well.

Gear is very important in any physical activity

Proper equipment can make your endeavour enjoyable or unlikely to be repeated, so choose your gear carefully. Go for a comfortable swimsuit and if you are more of an outdoor type, always use UV protection.

If you are new to this, have an instructor show you some breathing and swimming styles and exercise them under supervision for a while.

Swimming benefits

cardio and pulmonary resistance increase;

stimulates proper blood flow;

helps maintain a stable blood pressure;

reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease;

develops most muscle groups (more than 2/3 of the entire muscle surface);

• strengthens the joint ligaments, preventing possible injuries;

• improves body posture;

• develop flexibility;

• generates good feelings, positive;

helps improve anxiety and relieves symptoms of depression;

relaxes muscles after a busy day;

• stimulates physical and mental growth and development;

• improves psycho-motor development.

Most common swimming styles

1. Bras swimming: the belly and legs are bent sideways to make circular movements, similar to frog movements. The arms go in front, palms close, turned outwards, then moved towards the side, following a force turn near the initial position of the elbow (in order to generate more force and speed). Hands then go back in front of the head. Your front movements should be coordinated with those of the feet.

2. Back swimming: stand on your back, hands stretched alternately go near the body, in circular motion. Upon reaching the water, bend the arm. The palm is cupped. Bend above the correspondent feed, as fast as possible.

3. Free swimming: Head towards the water, air is blown into the water while the movement of the arms are alternated. For example, start with your right arm straight in front and sting the water while performing a circular motion. Meanwhile the feet are bent down at the knees. Head rises from the water every three arms swim in order to breathe when on the side of the arm which is about to perform the circular movement.

4. Butterfly swimming: both arms simultaneously go in front, palms are parallel to the water level. The arms are pushing very strongly against the water and when they get to the hip, the palms should be cupped. Then both hands come out of the water. Meanwhile, the legs are straight, close and ankles bend up and down simultaneously in order to aid in forward movement.

Swimming notice

Never venture into deep, cold or agitated water. Before swimming in pools make sure you are nor allergic to chlorides.


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